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A Valediction Forbidding Mourning
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Vanished in Vallarta:
Excerpt: from Vanished in Vallarta
The Honey Locust
 |  Excerpt: from The Honey Locust
Death In Key West
 |  Excerpt: from Death In Key West
A Cage of Bones
 |  Excerpt: This Is Not Your Country
 |  A Readers Guide to A Cage of Bones
The P-Town Murders:
 |  Excerpt: from Chapter Three of The P'Town Murders
 |  A Readers Guide to The P-Town Murders
The P-Town Murders -- Haworth Edition
A Cage of Bones -- Gay Men's Press Edition
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My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Film: BLOSSOM: A Portrait of Lilac Caņa
Driving With Rusty
Music: BLOSSOM: A Portrait of Lilac Caņa
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The Michael Ridler Project
 |  Excerpt from The Michael Ridler Project
Wendy Falling
 |  Excerpt from Wendy Falling
 |  Excerpt from Zebra
Five Easy Pieces
Driving to Tatamagouche
 |  Excerpt from Driving to Tatamagouche
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Dragon's Blood
Lost Loves
Something Still To Find
A Rare Treat
Twenty Years of Genius on Disc
Rules Of Engagement
Out In Paperback
Belated Gifts
The Bullet Trick
Barbra, Casual
Two Poems for Nelson Trent Hurry
Intimations of Mortality
For Our Mothers
Beggar, midstream
Postcards From India
Short Fiction:
Cup And Saucer
A Perfect Time To Be In Paris
Empty Gardens
Famous Dead People:
James Dean's 25th Annual Memorial
Sylvia Plath and Winthrop-By-The-Sea
Robert Craft and Anton Webern
Radical Modern: F. Scott Fitzgerald and New York
Turkey Point: An Author's Wilderness Adventure
Cuba: Eight Days, Three Men And A Rooster
Mystery Lake, Idyllic Cove
Purge: The Best AbFab Episode You've Never Seen
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